Consumer Goods Sector

The consumer goods sector covers companies related to items purchased by individuals, rather than by manufacturers and industries. This sector depends heavily on consumer behavior. When the economy grows, the sector will see an increased demand for higher-end products. When the economy shrinks, there is an increased demand for value products.

Maxus Capital Group has over two decades of experience in providing financial solutions for companies in a flourishing or declining economy. Maxus has the capital offerings with a tailored structure that will meet your capital needs, no matter what cycle the economy may be in.

Industry Focus

  • Food and Beverage – Meat, poultry, dairy, grain fruit and vegetable processors, beverage bottling production, wine vineyards, distilleries
  • Automotive and Recreational Vehicles – OEM, tier I, II & III suppliers
  • Packaging and Containers – Paper products, corrugated box, high-graphic labeling, displays, rubber & plastics, bottles
  • Textile – Apparel, footwear & accessories
  • Electronics and Home Goods – Appliances, electronic equipment, gaming