Technology Sector

The technology sector includes companies relating to the research, development and distribution of technologically-based goods and services. This sector offers a wide range of products and services to both consumers and businesses. Consumer goods such as personal computers, stereos and televisions are continually improving and being upgraded, offering the latest technology to all users. Businesses receive information and services from software and database systems, which allow the companies to make strategic business decisions.

Since 1993, Maxus has been partnering with companies in the technology sector, providing strategic financing solutions. Whether your company is looking to acquire new equipment, software or to recapitalize the business, Maxus has the knowledge, products, and solutions to meet the needs of the fast-moving technology sector.

Industry Focus

  • Hardware – PCs, data storage devices, scientific & technical instruments
  • Software and Services – Development, application software, healthcare information services, business software & services
  • Semiconductor – Manufacturing, testing, memory chips, integrated circuits
  • Communication – Telecommunication, wireless, internet