Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector includes companies related to medical and healthcare goods and services. This sector is often considered to be a defensive sector, because the products and services are essential. Even during economic downturns, people still require medical aid and medicine to overcome illness. Having consistent demand for goods and services makes this sector less sensitive to business cycle fluctuations.

Maxus Capital Group has a long history of partnering with companies in the healthcare sector. Whether it is acquiring equipment, leasehold and property improvements, recapitalization or working capital, Maxus has the capital offerings to meet your challenges.

Industry Focus

  • Healthcare
    • Physicians and practices
    • Hospitals
    • Health systems
    • Surgical centers
    • Imaging centers
    • Urgent care centers
  • Life Sciences
    • Laboratories
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Biotech
    • Medical devices
  • Institution
    • Manufacturers
    • M&A private equity firms
    • M&A practice support organizations
    • Industry advisors and consultants